ayurvedski tretmani


ABHYANGA (Indian) MASSAGE – Partial and whole body massage, relaxes the nervous system, muscles and stimulates the lymphatic system. Recommended especially when having back pains. Deeply relaxes and revitalizes, balances the body and spirit, detoxifies and stimulates the flow of fresh energy.

Recommendation: 1 x per week.

GARSHAN TREATMENT is a detox treatment for the body quite efficient in combating cellulite and eliminating excess water. Full body massage with oils and mud and minerals from the Dead Sea. Very beneficial treatment lasting around 90 min.

Recommendation: 1-2 x per week.

CRIO GAMATHI is a cold treatment for tired legs and vein problems.

Recommendation: 2 x per week, 10 treatments.

ART-REUM is a back massage with warm sesame oil, essential oils and mud from the Dead Sea. This method is generally relaxing, balancing blocked chakras, solving problems with the spinal column, back, neck and arms pains, rheumatic problems, contratures.

WHOLE BODY PEELING for the purpose of skin regeneration and nourishment.


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