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The hectic lifestyle and numerous obligations that are on our daily schedule can exhaust us and further burden us, physically and mentally. Chronic fatigue can affect sleep quality, health, mood, and general body aches.

But only when we reach the endurance limit, we are ready to seek help. Severe occasional pains in the legs can interfere with our lives not allowing any moment of peace. It’s hard to concentrate on work and keep track of everything we have to do when constant body aches remind us that we cannot relax.

We are proud to present the revolutionary CRIO Gamathi treatment - which effectively brings visible and tangible results after the first treatment. Sore, swollen legs with sensitive veins and sore joints and knees are a thing of the past!

The following text will present you with a revolutionary method that brings results after just one treatment.

Tired and swollen legs and feet

Too tight pants, uncomfortable shoes, socks that tighten our joints, work during which we stand on our feet, long rides and similar situations will eventually burden our legs and contribute to the feeling of exhaustion. Exhausted and sore legs will not allow us to relax even while resting.

Despite having an office job and sitting most of your work time, leg pain will occur if the office chair is not perfectly adjusted for your body. Legs then do not enjoy full circulation which leads to unwanted cellulite and can also lead to rupture of veins and capillaries.

The worst that can happen is that you get used to living with pain. Not only does getting used to the pain not sound desirable, but it can also lead to permanent damage to the body. If you sit incorrectly while working out, the pain and habit of being in the wrong position can cause permanent damage to your spine and neck. These same injuries can affect the lower back leading to sciatica over time.

Regular recreation and relaxation can eliminate some of the symptoms, but we will feel the real results only after a long period. It is this factor of expecting the pain to stop that makes us give up. It is easier to come to terms with pain than to persevere, especially if fatigue in the legs does not allow it.

Fortunately, there is no need for that at all!

CRIO Gamathi massage

Cryo Gamathi is a treatment created for pain in the legs that can accumulate over time. In addition to removing the accumulated pain from the first treatment, it provides an upbeat feeling in your legs that will return a relaxed smile to your face. There is no waiting for the pain to go away and most importantly - again you can dedicate yourself and what you love. After just one cold mud treatment, you will feel the circulation in full swing and the long-awaited painless feeling in your legs.

Crio Gamathi is an Ayurvedic cold mud treatment that also acts as lymphatic drainage of the feet. The feet are massaged with cold mud, which contains a special oil to further stimulate circulation and remove the feeling of heavy feet. There is a chance that you will slowly fall asleep during the treatment, especially if your tired legs did not allow you quality sleep before that.

After a thorough massage of the target parts of the body, there is a 20-minute rest during which the enriched cold mud additionally soothes and heals the feet. The final stage of treatment for sore feet is the application of cold cream to the treated part of the body. The cold cream further soothes the feeling of pain in the legs and prolongs the floating feeling you could only dream of so far.

The results of the Crio Gamathi massage are visible and tangible after the first treatment! Experts advise that for chronically sore and swollen feet this treatment is used twice a week for a period of 5 weeks. Ten treatments of Crio Gamathi cold mud massage and lymphatic drainage will transform your tired and heavy legs into a much-needed tool that leads us through the somewhat chaotic life we ​​live now.

Where can you try a massage for sore and tired legs?

Lotos Salon is the only salon in Pula and in the Istrian region that offers Crio Gamathi massage for swollen and heavy legs. The satisfaction of our clients speaks for itself about the effectiveness of this treatment, which is the most important thing to us.

We use top quality products and thoroughly help our clients feel better, healthier and more beautiful. In our salon, we offer various world-famous treatments for a healthy body and mind.

In addition to Crio Gamathi massage for sore and swollen feet, we also provide other Ayurvedic massages that are designed to regenerate the body and help with health problems.

The rich offer and wide range of services are complemented by free individual counselling to find an effective solution to all problems caused by chronic pain.

Contact us with confidence today and discover the many benefits of Ayurvedic massages and world-famous treatments and techniques that you will find only with us!


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